AFLSE Boston

With many visiting scholars and strong connections to organizations sharing common interests, AFLSE Boston provides LSE alumni opportunities to network on a global scale.

The AFLSE Boston Chapter benefits from wealth of visiting scholars from the UK, but also a wealth of LSE alumni that have roamed the world over.  Scholars are attracted to New England for the fine educational opportunities as well as the historic and technical opportunities that thrive there.  Many visitors repeat their stays in the area.

Two favorite activities are the monthly Social and Pub Trivia evenings and hosting visiting LSE scholars.  Guests at the social events have included an LSE alumnus returning from several years working in Afghanistan to support women with his efforts in microfinance.   Another guest had returned from Georgia where he served as the attorney advocate supporting Georgia during continuing land disputes over areas claimed by Russia and its smallest relatives.

Other events and programs have included the Countdown to 2012 Olympics held at the British Consulate, the Environment & Energy Breakfast Forum, the Economic Landscape and Investment Implications in the US and UK, Young Professionals Shopping Night and the Evensong for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

One of the Chapter’s greatest advantages is the close connection with the British Consulate General and a wealth of other organizations that share common ties abroad.  When people return from a summer holiday, one of the first places they look is at AFLSE website to see what’s happening.

AFLSE Boston Chair Anna Sabasteanski describes two recent chapter events:

“This spring we were most fortunate to host LSE Professor of International History Professor Arne Westad. We had a lovely meeting and conversation over lunch, and discussed his newest publication, Restless Empire: China and the World since 1750.  It was a fascinating conversation, and most relevant to many of the discussions going on today.

Next up was LSE Professor of Marketing, Roger Levy, who joined us for an entertaining seafood evening, whale excluded.  And he didn’t leave us with just one conversation, but two, and we learned a lot of very interesting political matters currently under discussion in Scotland, particularly many of the complex legal issues that date back centuries.  With any luck, he may even make it back to London before another hurricane strikes.”

While AFLSE Boston has had many successes, they do face the same hurdle many chapters face which is getting volunteers to help with programs:

"The Boston Chapter of AFLSE is eclectic and entertaining, but has the very bad habit of leaving things to the Chapter Leader. Since AFLSE is entirely a not-for-profit organization, the lack of Chapter support hinders our ability to undertake more ambitious events. All of our surveys have indicated a high degree of satisfaction. All we need now to achieve more is to have more active local participation.”