Houston: Pub Night with Oxford and Cambridge Alumni

LSE Alumni and Cambridge Alumni have been invited by Oxford alumni to their Pub Night.

This is an excellent opportunity for LSE alumni to mix with alumni from Oxford and Cambridge.
Pub night on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at the Stag’s Head at 6:30 pm

The Stag’s Head Pub
2128 Portsmouth
Houston, TX 77098

We will meet in the wonderful private Oak Room.

One of our longtime Houston Oxford Society members, Steve Unwin, will bring his friend Barry Walters who is visiting from Hampshire, England.  Barry graduated in PPE from Brasenose the same year that Steve graduated from Worcester, 1951.  Early in his career, Barry was the Candy King, aka the Chairman of Bendicks Chocolates.  Steve can’t say if Barry will bring us any samples!  Barry is an avid golfer if there are any golfers in our group who would like to swap stories.

Let’s lift a pint to greet out-of-town visitors and any other newcomers.

Please RSVP for a rough head count to Nancy Brown at:  brown.nf@comcast.net

This is a Houston Oxford Society event.

For questions about the AFLSE Houston chapter, please email houston@aflse.org.