Los Angeles: HAAS Event

Invitation to HAAS Event -Think Tank, Art, Happy Hour, Presidential Debate, Sunset.

Last year 60 of us played hookey for a day and explored downtown - with a character named Ferris Berkeley.  Join us for The Sequel.

Think Tank, Art, Happy Hour, Presidential Debate, Sunset

You could be working late, or for just one day, you could leave the office early enough to get an inside look of RAND, see a private art collection, enjoy happy hour, watch a political debate, and still have time to catch the sunset. As in the words of the Ferris himself, "What's one Day?"

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 from 4:45 until 9:00pm

1776 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 9040

Look Forward to seeing you there!

Pricing and RSVP:  www.ferris.eventbrite.com


This is a Haas Alumni Network Los Angeles Chapter event.

Questions about the AFLSE LA chapter, contact leaders Mansi Shah or Elizabth Botsford at losangeles@aflse.org.