Podcasts Related to the 2012 Olympics

Explore programs and interviews with LSE professors and alumni on issues related to the 2012 Olympics.

Alumni Lecture Series - London 2012:  The Regeneration of Opportunity 

  • The summer installment in June of the Alumni Lecture Series pulled together alums Dr Kurt Barling, Special Correspondent BBC London News; Gordon Innes, CEO, London & Partners, the Mayor’s investment agency for London and leading LSE academics Professor Ricky Burdett, Co-Director, LSE Cities Programme and Tony Travers, Director LSE London to discuss the role of the Olympics in the regeneration of East London.
  • Please click:  http://www.alumni.lse.ac.uk/olc/pub/LHE/filemanager/events/2012/EventReports/06-12ALS.htm

Causes and Things podcast:

 LSE Review of Books podcast on the London 2012 Olympics: What happens when global meets local?