AFLSE Miami: Special Event ! Special Event !

Fellow LSE Beavers we will be having a Special Event this Monday May 21 at 7 OClock at Fado's Irish Pub !

We have many things to celebrate including our queen of the Monday Happy Hour LGM going on summer holiday and one of our favorite members recently getting a position. And, well do we really need more excuses to get together for a pint ?!

So lets get the rally on !!!!! See you there !!!!

Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 7:00pm!

So come meet new friends, network or just hang out at Fado Irish restaurant and pub.

Bring a friend. All are welcome!

Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant
900 South Miami Blvd., Suite 200
Miami, FL 33130

For questions, please email: