AFLSE Representatives Attend Alumni Forum at LSE

Every two years, the LSE Alumni Association hosts a meeting of group leaders from all over the world.

On September 23 and 24, the LSE Office of Development and Alumni Relations hosted alumni group leaders from over 26 countries for the biennial Alumni Forum.   Seven AFLSE members attended the meeting, including Beth Halpern the AFLSE President.

The purpose of this meeting is for alumni leaders to elect a new Alumni Association Chair and also to elect chairs and members of six working committees.  The elected leaders have input and help steer activities of the LSE Alumni Association. 

Alumni Forum attendees also heard updates from the working committees and updates from LSE officers.  One common theme was the need for more communication between LSE alumni groups and also more communication from the LSE Alumni Association to group leaders.

The new Executive Committee Chair is Jeffrey Golden, a ‘71 graduate of LSE’s General Course with additional work toward a PhD in International Relations.  He is American by birth and is currently living abroad.  

Three AFLSE members were elected committee chairs.  Christopher Bodell was elected chair of the Regional Ambassadors Committee, Leon Desbrow was elected chair of the Group Leaders' Support Committee and Rachel Witalec was elected chair of the Communications Committee .

AFLSE representatives  at the 2011 LSE Alumni Forum

From left to right, AFLSE representatives at the 2011 LSE Alumni Forum:  Trishia Coyle (LSE Foundation in New York) , Thomas Kern, Leon Desbrow, Patricia Stockton, Beth Halpern (AFLSE President), Christopher Bodell, Mont Rogers and Rachel Witalec.