AFLSE Needs Volunteers

We are always on the lookout for additional volunteer assistance. There is room for all LSE graduates regardless of your interests or location.

We usually find that city chapter leaders are outgoing and love meeting other alumni, whether they are new to town or long term supporters. So if that fits your character profile, please be sure to go to your town's chapter webpage at and send the chapter leaders a note, expressing your willingness to help out.

Our industry special industry groups such as finance, US government and management consulting need volunteers who are interested in building the networking capabilities of each of the alumni in the US. If you are interested in joining the management of one of these groups, please drop a note to the President.

But AFLSE needs help in its national administration as well. We are looking for people to help out in a number of areas. Important from our perspective would be to have help as follows:

Membership and data base management. If you are interested in helping us to identify LSE graduates and their contact addresses using web and other means as well as following up with potential and expired members, please drop a note to the President

Editorial and web site material.  If you are interested in helping with developing articles for our monthly newsletter and our website to make our coverage as interesting as possible again, please drop a note to the President.

AFLSE Benefits management.  We have selection of strong benefits available to members but these need testing and improving.  Membership benefits need some direction from a self starter who wants to help the AFLSE be clearly recognized as the premier British university alumni association in the United States. If you are interested, please drop a note to the President.

Beth Halpern, our President is waiting to hear from you to know what you would like to do to help the AFLSE.   Please send your message to: