Chike Croslin (2012)

Chike Croslin is the recipient of the AFLSE scholarship for 2011-2012. Chike will graduate from Washington University in St. Louis in May, with a major in Political Science and a minor in Institutional Social Analysis, and will pursue a Master’s of Science in Anthropology and Development at the London School of Economics.

Chike is from Hyattsville, Maryland, and graduated from Dematha Catholic High School in 2007, where he was a varsity swimmer and member of the National Honor Society. 

At Washington University in St. Louis, Chike is an Undergraduate Hirsch Family Fellow at the Center for New Institutional Social Sciences. He has served as Choreographer for Washington University’s Salsa Team, WUSauce, for the past two years, and has performed on campus and nationally. In addition, he served for two years on the executive board of the Association of Black Students, first as Community Service Co-Chair and later as Political Affairs Chair. Chike’s past volunteer work has included mentoring at the Juvenile detention center, and he currently volunteers at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region’s teen sex education program, while simultaneously conducting research on the benefits of a reformed approach to sex education. 

Both his interest in undertaking advanced studies in anthropology and development and his professional interest in international development spring from various cross cultural experiences in international service. After mentoring at an orphanage in Costa Rica, he went from designing workshops on family communication in a mental health clinic in Argentina, to developing art projects for impoverished children and designing and hosting a cooking contest to dismantle interpersonal barriers among previously homeless men in Chile.  All of his activities were conducted in Spanish, and his first project in Costa Rica won him a Bronze Presidential Award for Volunteer Service.

In addition to dancing Salsa and cooking for friends and family, Chike enjoys practicing the martial arts, and has been trained in Tang Soo do and Moo duk Kwan since the age of 6, earning his black belt at age 12.

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