Alumni Networking 101 - Using the AFLSE Site

Career networking opportunities abound on the web, but how do you really get closer to meaningful connections? One way is to utilize resources available on the AFLSE site.

Networking opportunities are available to bring alumni together on the AFLSE site, but greater awareness and utilization of these resources is needed.  There are three tabs at the top of the AFLSE home page that relate to networking activites.  These are Chapters & Groups, Networking  and Careers.
Chapters & Groups
Career advisory activities are promoted through the networking that takes place during the regular chapter meetings and through career information that chapter heads distribute to their members.  Many chapters relay such information via chapter newsletters. These announce job opportunities and transmit requests for career advice.  AFLSE members should join their local chapters and receive information on chapter events through the chapter newsletters.

- The Networking tab includes a "Classifieds" section where members can review jobs and also post jobs.  To post jobs that you may have, please send an e-mail to  This is a very valuable resource that should be used more. 
- On this tab, there is a message board where members can post questions and respond to questions from other users.
- Also, there is an alumni directory where AFLSE members can search for LSE alumni in their areas.

The Careers tab links to the LSE Career Service page and to the LSE Alumni Professional Mentoring Network page.  Links to these pages are listed below:

- Alumni Professional Mentoring Network: 
- LSE Careers Service:

These services will be explored in more detail next month.