Los Angeles: Charity Ball with The Ivy Plus Society

The Ivy Plus Society (TIPS) invites LSE alumni and friends to join other Ivy-type business school alums at their first annual Spring Charity Ball at Evo in Los Angeles.

Saturday, May 15th
7:00 - 10:00pm

1155 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90015

Advance RSVP Requested
Price: $50 for the first 100 tickets; $65 thereafter (or until sell out)

RSVP here (or visit www.ivyplussociety.org)

The Ivy Plus Society (TIPS): "Admit it: There's cocktail attire hanging in your closet that you're secretly bummed you don't get to wear more often. Sequins, glitter, sharp suits. Just slipping them on makes you feel like you're strutting around in your own Vanity Fair fragrance ad. Well TIPS is giving you an opportunity to strut your stuff in the off-season -- during our first annual Spring Charity Ball!"

"Doll yourself up and meet us at a sumptuous, luxury loft in downtown LA. There you'll treat yourself to an exquisite, catered dinner; premium open bar; and hopping music from a live DJ. Better yet, you can indulge guilt-free, knowing that ALL event profits are going to a worthy cause: Kiva, the micro-lending organization that helps entrepreneurs in the developing world pull themselves out of poverty -- one loan at a time." (See below for more.)

"Our venue for the night is Evo, one of LA's most architecturally-acclaimed new downtown developments. We'll be champagning the night away amidst Evo's custom-built, designer-furnished space, taking in the breath-taking 360-degree panoramic views of the downtown city skyline and LA Live. It's truly a sensual feast: Marble, polished concrete, outdoor decks, soaring ceilings, stunning views…. And it’s all ours for the night."

"This is an event not to be missed! And please make sure to include your friends in the fun and pass this invitation along. Not only will it be a lavish affair, but every ticket purchased will DIRECTLY help an entrepreneur in the developing world."


About the Charity:

Kiva is the world’s first online micro-lending website to help the world’s working poor help themselves to alleviate poverty. Kiva serves entrepreneurs in the US and internationally. With as little as $25, an internet connection, and Kiva’s global network of micro-finance institutions, anyone can fund a small business loan to offer opportunities to entrepreneurs in need. The impact is BIG! Since 2005, more than 430,000 people have used Kiva.org to fund over $120 million in loans to help micro-entrepreneurs build businesses to improve their lives. The most amazing part is that it’s not charity, but a loan. So, when loans get paid back, Kiva lenders can reuse funds to help someone new.

What Kiva Will do With the Money:
The funds donated from this event will go to help fund Kiva.org and the thousands of entrepreneurs who are in need of financial assistance across the globe.

Kiva helps women and families – 82% of Kiva entrepreneurs are women and 70% have children.

Kiva now helps US entrepreneurs too – Kiva introduced US entrepreneurs to the Kiva site in 2009. Kiva lenders have lent over $700,000 and counting to fellow Americans in addition to borrowers in 51 other countries including Haiti, Chile, Nepal, and Cambodia.

Kiva helps entire communities succeed – Kiva entrepreneurs impact their communities by creating new jobs, and strengthening local industries, from agriculture to green energy. Kiva creates a ripple effect that truly is a sustainable way to grow small businesses and fight poverty!

*When you register for the event, print out your confirmation screen and use that as your ticket into the event. This will ensure you can breeze through check-in and avoid any guest list or PayPal snafus. 

*TIPS will have a guest list at the door as back-up in case you forget your confirmation print-out.

*If you buy tickets for guests, they should check-in as your +1s under your name at the door.

*Advance Registration will be open through noon on the day of the event (or until the event sell-out, which ever happens first).


*You must be 21 to attend & plan to drink responsibly. Designate a driver, call a cab, or or take the Red Line home (yes, LA does have a metro!).

*No refunds or cancellations permitted.


Questions... please contact LA chapter leaders Mansi Shah or Elizabth Botsford at losangeles@aflse.org.

This is an Ivy Plus Society event.