DISCOUNT: Membership with The Royal Commonwealth Society

AFLSE members may join this historical, yet modern club in the heart of London just off Trafalgar Square.

Founded in 1868, The Royal Commonwealth Society began as a 'meeting place': people from across the globe came together to trade knowledge, contacts and experiences. They retain this identity as a centre for the exchange of ideas and have also evolved into a dynamic, trailblazing charity.

Among the Society's many benefits:

• Access to the Club's stylish member facilities - restaurant, lounge, business centre and more
• Entry into a diverse network of like-minded professionals, both locally and internationally
• Invitations to a broad range of events with high-profile speakers from around the world
• The knowledge that 100% of the annual membership fee goes to support the RCS's charitable projects

Join for first-class business facilities, for a central location, for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Many people do.
But join also because the inspirational charitable work of the RCS makes a real difference to thousands of lives around the world every year.

AFLSE members will have their entrance fee (£200) waived and pay discounted dues of £230 annually (the normal fee is £290). If you are under 25, you can join for just £75 per year.

To find out more about The Royal Commonwealth Society, visit the Society's website.

To take advantage of this prestigious benefit, download the special LSE application form here.