AFLSE Exceeds Target for Centennial Fund Donors and Wins Challenge Grant

Thank you!

As you know, a few months ago the LSE issued a challenge to the AFLSE: if we reached a target of 750 donors to the Centennial Fund by July 31, 2009, the LSE would provide a generous grant to the AFLSE to support our activities.
I’m thrilled to report that AFLSE members like you not only rose to the challenge, you exceeded all expectations! As of July 31, we achieved a record 817 donors to the Centennial Fund, with a total of $338,787 in contributions. Including the UK government’s matching funds, AFLSE members provided the school with over $450,000 in unrestricted funding to support the LSE’s financial aid programs, teaching and research awards, and campus development. Because we met our goal, the AFLSE will receive over $14,000 that we will use to support local events and other membership benefits.
In these difficult economic times, your contributions are appreciated more than ever by the LSE and the AFLSE. Thank you, again, for your generous support of our alma mater and the AFLSE. 
Beth Halpern
President, AFLSE